Archive: 7/08/2006

Kayaks adapted to test marine robotics

MIT researchers are working toward the day when a team of robots could be put into action like a team of Navy SEALs - doing such dangerous work as searching for survivors after devastating hurricanes or sweeping harbors for ...

dateAug 07, 2006 in Engineering
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Scientists Reverse Evolution, Reconstruct Ancient Gene

University of Utah scientists have shown how evolution works by reversing the process, reconstructing a 530-million-year-old gene by combining key portions of two modern mouse genes that descended from the archaic gene.

dateAug 07, 2006 in
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JitterBugs could turn your keyboard against you

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science warn against an entirely new threat to computer security: peripheral devices – such as keyboards, mice or microphones – which could ...

dateAug 07, 2006 in Other
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MetOp to be launched in October

MetOp, the first in the new European series of operational meteorological satellites in polar orbit, is now scheduled for launch on 7 October 2006. The new date was established last week following various planning meetings ...

dateAug 07, 2006 in Space Exploration
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