Report shows how to say goodbye to harmful algal blooms

Harmful algal blooms dangerous to human health and the Lake Erie ecosystem—such as the one that shut down Toledo's water supply for two days in 2014—could become a problem of the past.

Turkey passes long-awaited data protection law

A long-awaited new data protection law came into force in Turkey on Thursday, just days after it emerged that private details about some 50 million citizens had been leaked.

Dynamic model helps understand healthy lakes to heal sick ones

Development of a dynamic model for microbial populations in healthy lakes could help scientists understand what's wrong with sick lakes, prescribe cures and predict what may happen as environmental conditions change. Those ...

NASA finds very heavy rainfall in Tropical Cyclone Zena

Tropical cyclone Zena intensified over the open waters between Vanuatu and Fiji and the Global Precipitation Measurement mission core satellite known as GPM found very heavy rainfall and very high cloud tops. By the next ...

Six to 10 million years ago: Ice-free summers at the North Pole

An international team of scientists led by the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have managed to open a new window into the climate history of the Arctic Ocean. Using unique sediment ...

Tesla Model 3 orders hit 325,000

Orders for Tesla's Model 3, its first mass-market electric aimed at taking the upstart automaker into the mainstream, have reached 325,000, Tesla said Thursday.

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