SpaceX to launch first cargo since 2015 accident

Nine months after a SpaceX rocket exploded on the way to the International Space Station, the California-based company is counting down to the launch Friday of another flight to resupply astronauts in orbit.

Security flaws found in three state health insurance websites

Federal investigators found significant cybersecurity weaknesses in the health insurance websites of California, Kentucky and Vermont that could enable hackers to get their hands on sensitive personal information about hundreds ...

Paris climate talks cut back on hot air: report

Last year's climate conference in Paris, which yielded a long-awaited carbon-cutting pact, emitted fewer planet-warming greenhouse gases than many predecessor events, host France said Thursday.

Primate evolution in the fast lane

The pace of evolution is typically measured in millions of years, as random, individual mutations accumulate over generations, but researchers at Cornell and Bar-Ilan Universities have uncovered a new mechanism for mutation ...

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