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A tale of tails

( -- An international group of astronomers led by Tom Scott at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía in Granada, Spain, has discovered extraordinarily long one-sided gaseous tails in two groups of ...

dateDec 06, 2011 in Astronomy
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UN chief doubts comprehensive climate deal likely

(AP) -- An all-encompassing climate deal "may be beyond our reach for now," the U.N. chief said Tuesday as China and India delivered a setback to European plans to negotiate a new treaty that would bind all parties to their ...

dateDec 06, 2011 in Environment
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Massive stars are born as giants

Astronomers from the University of Amsterdam have shown that forming massive stars are much bigger than grown-up massive stars. Their observations confirm the theory that, at the conclusion of the formation process, a massive ...

dateDec 06, 2011 in Astronomy
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Genetic markers help feds enforce seafood regulations

New discoveries in "marine forensics" by researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) will allow federal seafood agents to genetically test blue marlin to quickly and accurately determine their ocean of ...

dateDec 06, 2011 in Ecology
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