Archive: 6/11/2008

The beauty machine

Our mothers told us that true beauty is more than skin deep — but researchers from Tel Aviv University are now challenging Mom.

dateNov 06, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Surprisingly, Female Models Have Negative Effect on Men

( -- Many studies have shown that media images of female models have had a negative impact on how woman view their own bodies, but does this same effect hold true when men view male models? A leading researcher ...

dateNov 06, 2008 in Other
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Gold nanostar shape of the future

Rods, cones, cubes and spheres – move aside. Tiny gold stars, smaller than a billionth of a meter, may hold the promise for new approaches to medical diagnoses or testing for environmental contaminants.

dateNov 06, 2008 in Nanophysics
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