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How to slash vehicle fuel use

It is possible to slash fuel use by all vehicles on U.S. roads to pre-2000 levels within a few decades, but doing so would require immediate action on several challenging fronts, according to a new analysis by MIT researchers.

dateMay 06, 2008 in Energy & Green Tech
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Smart Miniature Pump

Medicines sometimes have to be administered in extremely small quantities. Just a few tenths of a milliliter may be sufficient to give the patient the ideal treatment. Micro-pumps greatly facilitate the dosage of minute quantities. ...

dateMay 06, 2008 in Engineering
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Screw worm outbreak in Yemen

An outbreak of the insidious ´screw worm´ fly in Yemen, is threatening livelihoods, in a country where rearing livestock is a traditional way of life. In recent weeks, a Ministerial delegation was at the IAEA in Vienna, ...

dateMay 06, 2008 in
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Is quantum Internet search on the way?

In classical computing, random access memory (RAM) is needed to make things “work.” But it is subject to a certain level of energy loss. But what if you could create low-energy quantum access memory (QRAM) that would ...

dateMay 06, 2008 in General Physics feature
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Lab in a Drop

Analysis and diagnosis in a chip format are coming of age, but their practical application has been limited because until now, the sample usually had to be prepared separately and on a nonminiaturized scale. Jürgen Pipper ...

dateMay 06, 2008 in
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