Archive: 6/04/2010

Business software maker CA to cut 1,000 jobs

(AP) -- Business software company CA Inc. said Tuesday that it's cutting 1,000 jobs - or about 8 percent of its work force - and consolidating offices as part of a restructuring plan to reduce costs and become more efficient.

dateApr 06, 2010 in Business
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Verizon CEO has told Apple of iPhone interest

(AP) -- Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says the company has told Apple that it wants to carry the iPhone. But he declined to say when - or even if - the popular smart phone will be available for Verizon Wireless customers.

dateApr 06, 2010 in Business
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New species of early hominid found

( -- A previously unknown species of hominid that lived in what is now South Africa around two million years ago has been found in the form of a fossilized skeleton of a child and several bones of adults. The ...

dateApr 06, 2010 in Archaeology & Fossils report
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Juno Taking Shape in Denver

( -- Assembly has begun on NASA's Juno spacecraft, which will help scientists understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. The mission, whose principal investigator is Scott Bolton of Southwest Research Institute ...

dateApr 06, 2010 in Space Exploration
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