Archive: 6/04/2009

Warming brings more birds north in winter

Long-term global warming is prompting North American birds to winter farther north -- a trend more noticeable in Alaska than anywhere else in the nation, according to a new study by the National Audubon Society.

dateApr 06, 2009 in Environment
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AP to take on Web piracy, cut rates

The US news agency the Associated Press announced plans on Monday to take legal action against websites that publish stories from the AP or its member newspapers without permission.

dateApr 06, 2009 in Internet
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Beating the backup blues

Thomas Brunschwiler, Urs Kloter, Ryan Linderman, Bruno Michel from the IBM's Zurich Research Lab in Switzerland and Hilton Toy from the IBM Server & Technology Group in Fishkill, New York, have been honored with the 2008 ...

dateApr 06, 2009 in Engineering
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