Archive: 6/03/2008

Laser remote makes watching TV even lazier

Modern-day remote controls can be complicated. But, thankfully, researchers are making TV the relaxing, mindless pastime that it was always intended to be with a new easy-to-use remote control. The controller is a laser pointer, ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in Engineering feature
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Refining the science of public opinion polling

Nancy Mathiowetz has been busy tracking hundreds of public opinion surveys this year, detailing everything from pre-election polls to consumer confidence. She admits she is usually “drowning in data.”

dateMar 06, 2008 in Other
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Camera Spots Wolverine in Sierra Nevada

U.S. Forest Service scientists believe an Oregon State University graduate student working on a cooperative project with the agency’s Pacific Southwest Research station on the Tahoe National Forest has photographed a wolverine, ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in
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