Targeting DNA sequencing for plant biodiversity research

Third-generation sequencing (TGS) technologies like the portable MinION sequencer promise to revolutionize biology, but getting there will require tweaking techniques. Particularly, the low output delivered by TGS sequencers ...

Study: Urban sprawl creates food deserts

Urban sprawl has led to the creation of food deserts in metropolitan areas across the United States, according to a published study by a researcher at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Short-lived Tropical Storm Gil gives a kick on NASA imagery

Tropical Storm Gil was a two day tropical cyclone in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. It formed on Saturday, August 3, and by the end of the day on August 4, it was already a remnant low pressure area. On August 5, though, NASA's ...

Researchers forecast failure in disordered materials

Disordered materials—such as cellular foams, fiber and polymer networks—are popular in applications ranging from architecture to biomedical scaffolding. Predicting when and where these materials may fail could impact ...

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