Archive: 5/06/2010

Credit card fraudsters take aim at World Cup

Jean-Pierre arrived on his South African holiday, withdrew some money from a cash machine, and hours later received a call from his bank to say that 300 euros had suddenly been charged to him.

dateJun 05, 2010 in Internet
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Cyclone Phet kills 15 in Oman

Cyclone Phet killed 15 people and left two missing in Oman before barrelling towards Pakistan, a civil defence force official said on Saturday.

dateJun 05, 2010 in Environment
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Birds frozen in oil: image of a desperate summer

(AP) -- They are the ghastly images of a summer fouled before it started. Squawking seagulls and majestic brown pelicans coated in oil. Click. Gunk dripping from their beaks. Click. Big eyes wide open. Click. Even the professionals ...

dateJun 05, 2010 in Ecology
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