Miami blue butterfly to be declared endangered

The tiny Miami blue butterfly, reduced to a few hundred survivors on isolated islands off Key West, will be formally declared a federally endangered species on Friday.

Amazon.com shop offers Kindle books in Spanish

Online retail titan Amazon.com on Thursday opened a virtual shop specializing in Spanish-language digital books for its popular Kindle electronic reading tablets.

Review: Nokia Lumia 900 hindered by software

Once the dominant maker of smartphones, Nokia Corp. is hoping to reassert itself by challenging the new top players, Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.

Google hopes to revolutionize video chat with 'Hangout' apps

Christine Egy Rose realized she was on to something powerful. Instead of the awkward monosyllabic two-minute exchange her two-year-old son Jackson typically had over a video chat link with relatives, he spent a full 50 minutes ...

What makes a voice unique?

A new digital speech database which captures how voices vary between different speakers or situations for the purpose of forensic speaker comparison has been launched by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Hackers hitting Macs with virus: industry experts

The computer security industry buzzed Thursday with warnings that more than a half-million Macintosh computers may have been infected with a virus targeting Apple machines.

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