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'Failure is good'

“Greed is good” became a popular phrase in the aftermath of the 1987 movie Wall Street, implying that the riches of individual financiers were justified by the role those people played initiating large-scale wealth creation ...

dateApr 05, 2010 in Economics & Business
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For Stem Cells, Practice Makes Perfect

( -- Multipotent stem cells have the capacity to develop into different types of cells by reprogramming their DNA to turn on different combinations of genes, a process called "differentiation." In a new study, ...

dateApr 05, 2010 in Cell & Microbiology
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Eating like a bird helps forests grow

Lions, tigers and bears top the ecological pyramid -- the diagram of the food chain that every school child knows. They eat smaller animals, feeding on energy that flows up from the base where plants convert sunlight into ...

dateApr 05, 2010 in Plants & Animals
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Form or function? Evolution takes different paths

Biologists long have known that both the appearance of organisms and their inner workings are shaped by evolution. But do the same genetic mechanisms underlie changes in form and function? A new study by scientists at the ...

dateApr 05, 2010 in Evolution
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