Don't risk a hot dog this summer

Perth's extreme heat wave is likely to put pet lives in jeopardy, with dogs at the biggest risk of suffering health dangers such as heatstroke according to leading veterinary doctors.

Naval navigation revolutionised by solid-state compass

A team of engineers from French and German companies has come together to improve the safety of ships at sea with a solid-state, electrostatic compass that can find true North without ever needing maintenance or replacement.

State soils library catalogues samples for future science

More than 150,000 soil samples collected over the last 30 years will be brought together this year to form the nucleus of a state soils archive to benefit student learning and agricultural research efforts.

ESA image: Colours of Sweden

This image is a composite of radar scans by Sentinel-1A on different dates of the Siljan Ring, located in the province of Dalarna in central Sweden.

How friendly is Enceladus' ocean to life?

How acidic is the ocean on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus? It's a fundamental question to understanding if this geyser-spouting moon could support life.

ASTRO-H X-ray Observatory poised for launch

A new science satellite, the ASTRO-H X-ray Observatory, will blast into the cosmos this month with a full payload of Yale University expertise.

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