LinkedIn's 4Q tops analyst views, stock surges to new high

(AP)—LinkedIn maintained its perfect record of pleasant surprises as the online professional networking service expanded its reach during the fourth quarter and added more tools to help connect salespeople with potential ...

Giant US health-data breach could lead to China

Data on as many as 80 million customers at US health insurance giant Anthem was stolen by hackers, officials confirmed Thursday, in a cyberattack investigators have reportedly linked to China.

In Rio favela, hungry caimans complicate water hunt

Residents of a Rio de Janeiro favela face a dangerous challenge in their quest for clean drinking water: a canal infested with hungry caimans, South America's alligator cousins.

Illinois trailing other states in girls studying science, math

A new study found Illinois educators and lawmakers have homework to do to figure out why fewer girls at the state's high schools study subjects associated with careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics ...

Researchers produce first map of New York City subway system microbes

The microbes that call the New York City subway system home are mostly harmless, but include samples of disease-causing bacteria that are resistant to drugs—and even DNA fragments associated with anthrax and Bubonic plague—according ...

Twitter steps up growth push as pressure builds

Twitter is stepping up efforts to boost its user base and monetization as the messaging platform faces pressure from lackluster growth since its stock market splash debut in late 2013.

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