Archive: 5/01/2007

Toshiba Brings HD DVD Write Drive to Desktop PCs

Toshiba today brought the wide ranging capabilities of HD DVD to the desktop PC with the announcement of a standard height HD DVD drive able to read and write to HD DVD and to standard DVD and CD discs. Sample shipments of ...

dateJan 05, 2007 in Hardware
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ORNL team discovers new way to spin up pulsars

A team of scientists using Oak Ridge National Laboratory supercomputers has discovered the first plausible explanation for a pulsar's spin that fits the observations made by astronomers. Anthony Mezzacappa of the Department ...

dateJan 05, 2007 in General Physics
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Winter Season Off To Record Warm Start

If this winter seems warmer to you than normal, you are not mistaken. December 2006 was the warmest December on record in Concord, N.H., and concludes a year that was one of the warmest ever in the Granite State, according ...

dateJan 05, 2007 in Environment
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