Archive: 4/09/2006

New Clue to World's Tiniest Particles

Particle physicists around the world will be designing their next generation of billion-dollar experiments following new findings from a University of Adelaide-led research team. The Holy Grail of the world's particle physicists ...

dateSep 04, 2006 in General Physics
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SMART-1 swan song: valuable data until final moments

Right up to its final orbits, SMART-1 continued delivering valuable data, extending the mission's legacy as a technology and scientific success. Scientists and engineers met today at ESOC to review mission achievements including ...

dateSep 04, 2006 in Astronomy
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Wind power a vexing question for Vermont

(AP) -- When farmer Greg Bryant first heard about plans for windmills along a swath of mountain ridges in this northeastern Vermont hamlet, he was all for it. The idea of tapping a plentiful natural resource for power was ...

dateSep 04, 2006 in Energy & Green Tech
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