Researchers release systems biology educational game

Researchers at the new Morgridge Institute for Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have released the biomedical research organization's first digital learning game created through collaborations among scientists ...

Global warming pause linked to sulfur in China

Scientists have come up with a possible explanation for why the rise in Earth's temperature paused for a bit during the 2000s, one of the hottest decades on record.

Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior III debuts

Greenpeace unveiled a new weapon in its campaign against environmental destruction on Monday -- a 23 million euro ($33.4 million) ship dubbed the Rainbow Warrior III.

Mysterious seaweed dump chokes S.Leone's coastline

Massive piles of seaweed have washed ashore along Sierra Leone's coastline, covering the white sand and raising fears for tourism and the fishing industry, officials said Monday.

Europe drought leading to more property damage: study

Increasing occurrences of drought have led to a jump in European insurance claims for damage to homes owing to subsiding soil, a study by reinsurer Swiss Re and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology said on Monday.

Most of 'missing species' live in known hotspots, study finds

Most of the world's "missing" or undiscovered species live in regions already identified by scientists as conservation priorities, according to a new study published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy ...

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