Archive: 4/05/2007

Climate change impacts stream life

Climate change is warming Welsh streams and rivers, affecting the number and variety of some of their smallest animals, a major Cardiff University study has found.

dateMay 04, 2007 in Environment
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GIOVE-A transmits first navigation message

Earlier this week, GIOVE-A successfully transmitted its first navigation message, containing the information needed by user receivers to calculate their position. Prior to reaching this milestone, the satellite had been broadcasting ...

dateMay 04, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Netgear Acquires Infrant for $60M

Router company Netgear announced Thursday that it has acquired networked storage provider Infrant for $60 million in cash, and the deal is expected to close in the second quarter of '07.

dateMay 04, 2007 in Business
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The equivalent of a new quantum liquid?

“Physicists usually study anyons when there are a few of them and they are far separated,” Adrian Feiguin, a researcher at Microsoft Research Station Q at the University of California, Santa Barbara tells ...

dateMay 04, 2007 in General Physics feature
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Has Digg Dug a Legal Hole for Itself?

Call it the Internet's version of a bloodless coup. A revolt by users of led the administrators of the Web site to reverse a decision to remove stories containing code used to circumvent digital rights management ...

dateMay 04, 2007 in Internet
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