Sore—but no taller—astronaut Scott Kelly adjusts to Earth

US astronaut Scott Kelly said Friday he is battling fatigue and super-sensitive skin, but is back to his normal height after a year spent testing the effects of long-term spaceflight ahead of a future mission to Mars.

Uber gives Pakistan drivers classes to deter sex harassment

Uber is teaching its drivers in Pakistan how not to sexually harass women, a spokeswoman said Friday, after the popular transport app launched in the conservative country where women are often hassled on public transport.

Woodpecker drumming signals wimp or warrior

Animal behavior researchers at Wake Forest University have found that the highly territorial downy woodpecker interprets drumming intensity from adversaries to figure out who is or isn't a threat.

New national initiative to preserve the future of horticulture

Today, Longwood Gardens and the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) announced the launch of the Seed Your Future initiative, a multi-year effort to combat declining awareness of horticulture among U.S. audiences ...

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