Archive: 4/02/2008

Seals head for California highway

A population explosion among California's elephant seals is creating headaches for motorists who drive the state's scenic coastal highway.

dateFeb 04, 2008 in
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Intel Microchip Packs Two Billion Transistors

Intel has just announced the first microchip that contains more than two billion transistors - tiny switches that together perform the calculations in computers. The chip, known as Tukwila, marks a milestone in chip density ...

dateFeb 04, 2008 in Hardware weblog
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Geotimes explores oil around the world

With oil hovering around $90 a barrel, Geotimes magazine examines emerging trends and issues in several obvious, and some not-so-obvious locations, in this month’s cover story “Oil Around the World.”

dateFeb 04, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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