Archive: 31/12/2008

Green technology is on the rise, despite recession

It seems so easy in the IBM commercial. An underling explains to her pessimistic boss how their company will save millions of dollars with "green" technology. "Where do I sign?" he asks, as happy music erupts and cartoon ...

dateDec 31, 2008 in Other
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Smart phones seem to be recession resistant

As consumers pull back on spending, at least one tech product is staying hot enough that it could defy the recession: smart phones. Overall handset sales are slowing, and some of the biggest makers of the devices are ratcheting ...

dateDec 31, 2008 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Digital TV likes clear signal path

Question: If I buy a new digital TV, can I just plug it in and use it, as I do the old TV now? My son insists that it has to be hooked to an antenna, but the old televisions worked fine without one.

dateDec 31, 2008 in Telecom
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