Stressed lemurs have worse chances of survival

High levels of hair cortisol—a sign of long-term stress—are associated with reduced survival in wild grey mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus), according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Ecology.

High tunnels boost yield, along with plant-damaging insects

Growers of tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables can extend their growing season and increase yield by placing high tunnels over their cold-sensitive crops, but those tunnels don't provide the pest protection that has ...

Greenpeace steps up protest against Polish forest logging

Some 50 environmental activists blocked logging equipment and vehicles Thursday in Poland's ancient Bialowieza forest, as authorities continued to fell trees despite an EU injunction to stop, Greenpeace said.

Category Two Hurricane Irma forms in eastern Atlantic

Hurricane Irma has formed in the eastern Atlantic as a Category Two storm, just days after the first major hurricane of the season, Harvey, unleashed massive rain and floods over Texas, US officials said Thursday.

Pinpointing the sources of trans-Pacific dust

Airborne dust from Asia travels across the Pacific passport-free, carrying pollution, building soil, and coloring sunsets thousands of miles from its source. Identifying that source is important for understanding atmospheric ...

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