Wild asparagus gets some help in Wales

Botanists in Wales have been doing some matchmaking, introducing a lonely female to a fertile male in an effort to help propagate rare wild asparagus.

Americans support free access to research

In an online survey of public attitudes conducted recently and released today by Harris Interactive, 8 out of 10 (82%) adults polled said they believe that “if tax dollars pay for scientific research, people should have ...

Pathologist: No soybean rust forecast yet

Purdue University plant pathologist Greg Shaner says there's no forecast, as yet, for 2006 Midwest soybean rust, with much depending upon weather patterns.

Apple Launches Free Computer Take-Back Program

Apple announced the launch of its free computer take-back program, offering US customers environmentally friendly recycling of their old computer when they buy a new Mac. The Apple Store and Apple retail stores will give ...

Tech File: NXT plc makes audio waves

UPI recently caught up with Graham Ryan, chief commercial officer of NXT plc, a publicly listed company on the London stock exchange. For those who don't know, NXT is a provider of unique sound solutions, best known for its ...

Japan creates Asimov-like robotic laws

Japan is creating "robotic laws" along the lines envisioned by scientist Isaac Asimov in the Laws of Robotics he presented in a 1940 science fiction novel.

Rivals fight to bring mobi e-mail to China

They have cell phones by the hundreds of millions. Now the international telecom companies are hoping to bring a mobile e-mail service to the 400 million mobile users in China, 10 million of who are also potential 3G subscribers. ...

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