BlackBerry narrows loss amid focus on services

BlackBerry said Friday its loss in the past quarter narrowed as it distanced itself further from smartphone making to concentrate on software and services.

German military to launch cyber command

Germany's armed forces Saturday launch a cyber command, with a status equal to that of the army, navy and air force, meant to shield its IT and weapons systems from attack.

Hubble's double galaxy gaze: Leda and NGC 4424

Some astronomical objects have endearing or quirky nicknames, inspired by mythology or their own appearance. Take, for example, the constellation of Orion (The Hunter), the Sombrero Galaxy, the Horsehead Nebula, or even the ...

NASA observations reshape basic plasma wave physics

When NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale—or MMS—mission was launched, the scientists knew it would answer questions fundamental to the nature of our universe—and MMS hasn't disappointed. A new finding, presented in a paper ...

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