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Study questions 'cost of complexity' in evolution

Higher organisms do not have a “cost of complexity” — or slowdown in the evolution of complex traits — according to a report by researchers at Yale and Washington University in Nature.

dateMar 31, 2008 in
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New Internet ID Card Prevents Online Fraud

Times are getting hard for anyone trying to get away with online fraud. That’s because Siemens, in cooperation with a partner company, has developed an Internet ID card the size of an ATM card that enables users to provide ...

dateMar 31, 2008 in Hardware
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The moon meets the Pleiades in April

The Pleiades star cluster will have a beautiful encounter with the slender moon in the western sky after sunset on April 8. Usually the moon's brightness overpowers nearby stars, but not when it's such a thin crescent. Binoculars ...

dateMar 31, 2008 in Space Exploration
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