Skype's ringtone offer may not be golden

Ringtones are no longer just for mobile phones. Favorite tunes can be used to alert Internet phone network users of incoming calls from now on, too, following the tie-up between Warner Music Group and Voice over Internet ...

AT&T says Cingular 3G deployment on track

The deployment of Cingular Wireless' 3G wireless network is proceeding on schedule and should be largely complete this year, the head of AT&T said Tuesday.

NASA Tests New Breed of Propulsion Engine

NASA engineers have successfully tested a new breed of reaction control engine and propulsion system. Aimed at furthering NASA's space exploration goals, the tests helped investigate the possibility of future space travel ...

Words help us see and talk

The language we speak affects half of what we see, according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago.

Research Reveals Insight into Stability of Thin Films

Just as every snowflake is different from any other, an individual snowball exhibits exceptionally different properties than the thousands of snowflakes that make it up. A group led by Dr. Tai-Chang Chiang of the University ...

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