Google, Apple and other tech giants look to a post-cookie era

After nearly 20 years, the era of Web-based "cookies" appears headed for an end, as companies like Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. explore new ways to track Internet users' habits, from desktop PCs to smartphones ...

Facebook, Cornell researchers analyze romantic ties

Facebook's Eric Backstrom, senior engineer, together with Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell University, have sparked interest with the online publication over the weekend of their paper, "Romantic Partnerships ...

Tech expert Pogue says wearable computers have a ways to go

"Wearable" devices like smartwatches and Google Glass may indeed become the next big trend in consumer electronics, but David Pogue, the multi-faceted, multi-platform technology writer and TV science presenter, thinks we're ...

Motorola studying modular smartphone

When it comes to mobile applications, consumers can customize their phones with just a few taps. Motorola Mobility wants to make it that easy to personalize a gadget's hardware.

Norwegian village uses giant mirrors to capture the sun

Sun-starved residents of a remote Norwegian village unveiled an ingenious mirror system Wednesday to bring natural light to their mountain valley home and liberate them from darkness that envelops them six months a year.

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