Archive: 30/10/2007

Team IDs ancient cargo from DNA

For the first time, researchers have identified DNA from inside ceramic containers in an ancient shipwreck on the seafloor, making it possible to determine what the ship's cargo was even though there was no visible trace ...

dateOct 30, 2007 in Archaeology & Fossils
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English prof explores the social life of ink

Imagine hundreds of people lined up at a department store in New York City, along with 50 police officers to prevent them from crashing the doors. What might cause such excitement? The new iPhone? An appearance by J.K. Rowling? ...

dateOct 30, 2007 in Other
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Israeli Scientist Invents Bomb Detector Spray

Professor Joseph Almog has developed a spray that can detect urea nitrate, a powerful explosive that can be created by non-professionals in relatively simple back-yard facilities. Urea nitrate is commonly used by Palestinian ...

dateOct 30, 2007 in weblog
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Speed plays crucial role in breaking protein's H-bonds

Researchers at MIT studying the architecture of proteins have finally explained why computer models of proteins’ behavior under mechanical duress differ dramatically from experimental observations. This work could have ...

dateOct 30, 2007 in
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Fuel cells gearing up to power auto industry

The average price for all types of gasoline is holding steady around $2.95 per gallon nationwide, but the pain at the pump might be short-lived as research from the University of Houston may eliminate one of the biggest hurdles ...

dateOct 30, 2007 in Engineering
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