Archive: 30/07/2008

Researchers root out new and efficient crop plants

A part of the global food crisis is the inefficiency of current irrigation methods. More irrigated water evaporates than reaches the roots of crops, amounting to an enormous waste of water and energy.

dateJul 30, 2008 in
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Nanojewels made easy

Butterfly wings, peacock feathers, opals and pearls are some of nature's jewels that use nanostructures to dazzle us with color. It's accomplished through the way light reaches our eyes after passing through the submicroscopic ...

dateJul 30, 2008 in Nanomaterials
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Partial Eclipse, Total Fun

On Friday, August 1st, millions of people in Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia and China—especially China—are going to witness a total eclipse of the sun. The Moon's cool shadow will sweep across the landscape, silencing wildlife ...

dateJul 30, 2008 in Space Exploration
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