Archive: 30/05/2010

Liquid method: pure graphene production

In a development that could lead to novel carbon composites and touch-screen displays, researchers from Rice University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology today unveiled a new method for producing bulk quantities ...

dateMay 30, 2010 in Nanomaterials
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At NYC sci fest, asking 'What if we're holograms?'

(AP) -- Brian Greene works in a world where scientific reasoning rules all and imagination leads to the most unlikely truths. Greene and other "string theorists" are exploring a possible scenario in which people and the ...

dateMay 30, 2010 in Other
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Bangladesh blocks Facebook over prophet drawings

(AP) -- Bangladesh has become the second South Asian nation after Pakistan to block the popular social networking website Facebook over a page that urged people to draw images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

dateMay 30, 2010 in Internet
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