Archive: 30/04/2010

Should Google stay in China?

On Jan. 12, Google announced that, because of a series of sophisticated attacks that seemed to originate in China and targeted the Gmail accounts of Chinese human-rights activists, it would cease to censor the results of ...

dateApr 30, 2010 in Other
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Radar Clicks Asteroid's Pic

( -- Near-Earth asteroid 2005 YU55 was "imaged" by the Arecibo Radar Telescope in Puerto Rico on April 19. Data collected during Arecibo's observation of 2005 YU55 allowed the Near-Earth Object Program Office ...

dateApr 30, 2010 in Space Exploration
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Fujitsu back in the black for fiscal year

Japan's Fujitsu, embroiled in a dispute with its former boss, announced a return to profit Friday after massive losses the previous year as cost-cutting measures offset a decline in sales.

dateApr 30, 2010 in Business
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