Archive: 30/03/2009

A 'bionic nose' that knows

Both cancer cells and the chemicals used to make bombs can foil detection because they appear in trace amounts too small for conventional detection techniques. Tel Aviv University has developed the ultimate solution: a molecule ...

dateMar 30, 2009 in Analytical Chemistry
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Motorola Introduces Series of HSPA M2M Wireless Modules

Motorola, today introduced the H24, the latest addition to its Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions portfolio. The new HSPA wireless module was designed to meet the M2M industry’s growing need for high-speed 3.5G connectivity. ...

dateMar 30, 2009 in Telecom
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TV documentaries take leap into digital world

TV documentaries are fast forwarding into the digital future to tap new sources of revenue, offering interactive and "360" packages to audiences increasingly getting their television fix online.

dateMar 30, 2009 in Internet
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