Disconnection, not teens' screen time, is the problem

While many parents and caregivers believe teens spend too much time on smartphones, video games and social media, a Michigan State University researcher says not to worry about screen time.

Summer mechanical hedging to prune eight cider apple cultivars

The results of a study by researchers at Washington State University published in the journal HortTechnology, show that summer mechanical hedging could significantly reduce pruning labor time and costs in cider apples. To ...

Could coffee offer protection from catching COVID-19?

Could consuming a cup of coffee be an effective way to protect yourself against infection with coronavirus? What has not yet been proven in practice is at least very plausible according to biochemical research.

A new approach for high-throughput quantitative phase microscopy

Cell organelles are involved in a variety of cellular life activities. Their dysfunction is closely related to the development and metastasis of cancer. Exploration of subcellular structures and their abnormal states facilitates ...

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