Adding hydrogen to graphene

Adding hydrogen to graphene could improve its future applicability in the semiconductor industry, when silicon leaves off. Researchers at the Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM), within the Institute for Basic ...

Global hot spot maps link consumers with impacts

A new model creates global hot spot maps to illuminate how what we buy pollutes the planet and where. The idea is to help governments, industries and individuals target areas for cleanup.

Sucrose and citric acid combination effective at killing bacteria

Sucrose and citric acid are common ingredients in a cup of tea. But as a NADES (Natural deep eutectic solvents) compound these substances in combination can kill bacteria as effectively as if they were overrun by a bulldozer.

Female fish judge males on DIY skills, study shows

Female fish judge males based on their ability to design nests best suited for the conditions of their environment, according to a new study by University of Leicester researchers.

NASA's new asteroid alert system gives five days of warning

Everyone knows it was a large asteroid striking Earth that led to the demise of the dinosaurs. But how many near misses were there? Modern humans have been around for about 225,000 years, so we must have come close to death ...

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