Archive: 3/07/2008

Organizing an Earth Systems Science Agency

In an article published today in the journal Science, a group of former senior federal officials call for the establishment of an independent Earth Systems Science Agency (ESSA) to meet the unprecedented environmental and ...

dateJul 03, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Researchers run rings round cell division

A puzzle in the control of cell division, one of the most fundamental processes in all biology, has been unravelled by Oxford University researchers.

dateJul 03, 2008 in
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Ridding meat of E. coli

You may be able to enjoy a rare hamburger soon, thanks to a discovery made by a team of University of Alberta researchers.

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Local elite rule over small villages in Indonesia

Dutch-sponsored researcher Y. Argo Twikromo has investigated how the local ruling elite have retained their political control over the local population. He has tried to understand and analyse the dynamic processes of state ...

dateJul 03, 2008 in Other
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