A designer's toolkit for constructing complex nanoparticles

A team of chemists at Penn State has developed a designer's toolkit that lets them build various levels of complexity into nanoparticles using a simple, mix-and-match process. "Researchers in areas as diverse as medicine, ...

Sprint's rough week

Sprint is having its worst week in almost four years on Wall Street after announcing another attempt at merging with rival T-Mobile.

Erosion unearths bones on New York's island of the dead

Storms and the tides are unearthing the long-hidden bones of Hart Island, creating eerie scenes of skulls, femurs and collarbones on this sliver of land where New York City's destitute dead have for 150 years been sent off ...

New York Times gains 139,000 subscribers in Q1

The New York Times—dismissed as a "failing" newspaper by US President Donald Trump—had a net gain of 139,000 online subscribers in the first three months of 2018, the daily said Thursday.

Q&A: Cambridge Analytica's bankruptcy won't halt probes

The company at the center of the Facebook privacy scandal, political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, is going out of business. But that doesn't mean those behind the entity will escape the scrutiny of regulators.

New study sheds light (and some shade) on anole diversification

The islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica—collectively known as the Greater Antilles—are home to more than 100 species of Anolis lizards. The success of this colorful group of reptiles is often attributed ...

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