Archive: 3/05/2007

SAP, Open Text Pen Reseller Agreement

SAP and Open Text have signed a reseller agreement that will deliver enterprise content management software, enabling businesses to have data archiving platforms provided by Open Text.

dateMay 03, 2007 in Business
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Sun powered mobility

Solar powered mobility scooters could soon be on the streets thanks to the work of a student at The University of Nottingham. Matt Alvey, who is studying Architecture and Environmental Design, says the photovoltaic (solar ...

dateMay 03, 2007 in Energy & Green Tech
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Self Assembling Chips

In nature a phenomenon called "self assembly" is a delicate process that forms seashells, creates the enamel on teeth and transforms water into complex snowflakes. IBM Research has, for the first time ever, applied "self ...

dateMay 03, 2007 in Nanophysics
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The sound of proteins

Biologists have converted protein sequences into classical music in an attempt to help vision-impaired scientists and boost the popularity of genomic biology. New research published today in the open access journal Genome ...

dateMay 03, 2007 in
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