How persistent bacteria are able to avoid antibiotics

The mechanism by which some bacteria are able to survive antibacterial treatment has been revealed for the first time by Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers.  Their work could pave the way for new ways to control ...

Image: Astronaut Mike Hopkins on Dec. 24 spacewalk

On Dec. 24, 2013, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, Expedition 38 Flight Engineer, participates in the second of two spacewalks, spread over a four-day period, which were designed to allow the crew to change out a degraded pump ...

Invasive grass known as medusahead discovered in Montana

(Phys.org) —Scientists with Montana State University have confirmed the presence of the invasive grass medusahead on the Flathead Indian Reservation in southeastern Sanders County, a first in Montana.

Hubble sees a stellar "sneezing fit"

(Phys.org) —Look at the bright star in the middle of this image. It appears as if it just sneezed. This sight will only last for a few thousand years—a blink of an eye in the young star's life.

Report says NSA intercepts computer deliveries (Update)

A German magazine lifted the lid on the operations of the National Security Agency's hacking unit Sunday, reporting that American spies intercept computer deliveries, exploit hardware vulnerabilities, and even hijack Microsoft's ...

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