Moon rocks found in Minn. National Guard storage

Moon rocks from mankind's first landing more than 43 years ago have been discovered tucked away in a government storage area in St. Paul, and officials are at a loss to explain how they ended up there.

Tips for holiday tablet shoppers

One item sure to be on many holiday shopping lists this year is a tablet. But which one to choose?

E-readers in demand as tech gifts

In the five years since Amazon.com released its first Kindle, the market for dedicated electronic readers has been transformed.

Ecuadoran villagers drag Chevron to Canadian court

A 19-year court battle that resulted in a staggering US$18.3-billion judgment from an Ecuadoran court against Chevron last year moved to Canada on Thursday as the plaintiffs seek to collect.

Verizon retirees sue to stop transfer of pensions

(AP)—Verizon retirees are suing the phone company because it's planning to transfer the responsibility to pay their pensions to an insurance company, where they will have fewer legal protections.

New insights into mosquitoes' role as involuntary bioterrorists

For many years scientists thought that mosquitoes provided the disease organisms which they spread with a relatively free ride because the insects didn't have much in the way of natural defenses to fight off these microscopic ...

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