Tai Shan, star of the global pandacams

For weeks he has been the hottest ticket in town. Much has been made in the media of the difficulty of procuring tickets to see Tai Shan, the baby giant panda cub and "Peaceful Mountain" of Washington D.C.'s National Zoo.

Report calls for IT education in Africa

Even in countries that lag behind in the information technology sector, there is a clear understanding that the gap between the rich and poor will only increase unless that IT divide is addressed. Yet some of Africa's richest ...

Study: Women exects must avoid sexy dress

Psychologists at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis., say physical attractiveness helps women get ahead, but a sexy self-presentation might be harmful.

Probe of the quintessence of surprise

We ignore some sudden noises, while others make us take action. We turn our eyes to look at some moving things -- but not all. Why? A new theory and experimental evidence suggests a novel mathematical explanation of how brains ...

Biotechnology's newest chemical tool

Exploiting biology's own chemical toolbox, researchers have developed a new technique that will allow them to modify specific sequences within a DNA molecule. The approach will not only help reveal the impact of biochemical ...

Mars Rovers Just Keeps Going And Going

Spirit, the untiring robotic "wonder child" sent by NASA to explore the eerily earthlike fourth planet from the sun, has completed one martian year - that's almost two Earth years - on Mars.

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