Hurricane Rosa weakens rapidly off Mexico

Hurricane Rosa rapidly lost strength off the coast of Mexico on Saturday as it moved towards Baja California, the US National Hurricane Center said.

Virtual reality unleashes full power of top UK orchestra

London's Royal Festival Hall is putting visitors centre-stage with one of the world's top orchestras, using cutting-edge technology amid claims it will transform the arts and entertainment industries.

The scandals bedevilling Facebook

Facebook is at the centre of controversy yet again after admitting that up to 50 million accounts were breached by hackers.

Indonesia tsunami death toll nears 400, expected to rise

Residents too afraid to sleep indoors camped out in the darkness Saturday while victims recounted harrowing stories of being separated from their loved ones a day after a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami that unleashed ...

Facts on the nature of a tsunami

A once-exotic word that has now entered the everyday lexicon, a tsunami refers to a shock of water that spreads through the sea, usually after a sub-sea floor quake.

Indonesian quake and tsunami devastates coast, many victims

The powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit Indonesia's central Sulawesi has claimed dozens of victims, a disaster official said Saturday, as rescuers raced to reach the region and an AP reporter saw numerous bodies in a ...

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