Physicists uncover new dynamical framework for turbulence

Turbulence plays a key role in our daily lives, making for bumpy plane rides, affecting weather and climate, limiting the fuel efficiency of the cars we drive, and impacting clean energy technologies. Yet, scientists and ...

When immersed in sexual harassment, workers can't identify it

People who work in industries with high levels of sexual harassment—including hospitality, retail, manufacturing and information—have a harder time identifying inappropriate workplace behavior, with only 57% of those ...

Inside the head of one of Australia's smallest fossil crocs

Approximately 13.5 million years ago, north-west Queensland was home to an unusual and particularly tiny species of crocodile and now scientists are unlocking its secrets. University of Queensland researchers have used state-of-the-art ...

Awareness, not mandatory GMO labels, shifts consumer preference

Six years ago, the state of Vermont passed what turned out to be a short-lived law mandating disclosure of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, on all food products. That law's effect? A collective shrug of the shoulders.

Tens of millions battle Pakistan floods as death toll rises

Tens of millions of people across Pakistan were Monday battling the worst monsoon floods in a decade, with countless homes washed away, vital farmland destroyed and the country's main river threatening to burst its banks.

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