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Protons Pair Up With Neutrons

Research performed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has found that protons are about 20 times more likely to pair up with neutrons than with other protons in the nucleus. ...

dateMay 29, 2008 in General Physics
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Altruism in social insects is a family affair

The contentious debate about why insects evolved to put the interests of the colony over the individual has been reignited by new research from the University of Leeds, showing that they do so to increase the chances that ...

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A common aquatic animal's genome can capture foreign DNA

Long viewed as straitlaced spinsters, sexless freshwater invertebrate animals known as bdelloid rotifers may actually be far more promiscuous than anyone had imagined: Scientists at Harvard University have found that the ...

dateMay 29, 2008 in
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Bridging the math gender gap

The gender gap in math perceived to exist between girls and boys has long been contested. New research published in the journal Science sheds clarity on the debate and demonstrates that girls perform better in mathematics ...

dateMay 29, 2008 in Mathematics
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