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Hatching a New Model for Biomineralization

The idea started with an eggshell and ended with a new understanding of how minerals form to build exceptionally strong structures in the bodies of humans and other organisms. Biomineralization, the process by which organisms ...

dateJan 29, 2007 in Condensed Matter
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New Sensor Detects Direction of Sound Under Water

A new sensor that measures the motion created by sound waves under water could allow the U.S. Navy to develop compact arrays to detect the presence of enemy submarines. These new arrays would detect quiet underwater targets, ...

dateJan 29, 2007 in Engineering
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Salmonella survives better in stomach due to altered DNA

Since 1995 there has been a considerable increase in the number of infections with a specific type of Salmonella bacteria transmitted via food. This type, Salmonella serovar Typhimurium DT104, is resistant to at least five ...

dateJan 29, 2007 in
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How listeners perceive verbs

The verb forms the heart of a sentence. Although a lot of research has been done into the role that verbs play during the transfer of information, less is known about exactly how and when the listener or reader uses this ...

dateJan 29, 2007 in Other
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