Granicus and Tinjar Valles

The HRSC obtained these images during orbit 1383 at a ground resolution of approximately 23.7 metres per pixel. The images have been rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, so that North is to the left.

Political scientists examine the largest voting gaps in America

Recent studies of the 2004 election data by political scientists assess the role and impact of major sets of differences in the voting behavior of Americans--known in popular parlance as "voting gaps." Based on differences ...

IBM, T3Ci test RFID data-sorting software

IBM and partner T3Ci say they have completed interoperability testing of a new software standard for Radio frequency identification technology.

Time Warner adds last-mile provider

Time Warner Telecom will pay $531 million for Xspedius, a last-mile provider of business broadband voice and data services.

Russia rocket crash caused by engine

Russia's Federal Space Agency has said a first stage engine shutdown caused a Russian carrier rocket to crash in Kazakhstan.

Wireless World: Aisle displays for shoppers

Wireless retailing is growing beyond mere point-of-sale service and inventory management, as new displays are coming to market that interact directly with customers in the shopping aisles, experts tell UPI's Wireless World.

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