Archive: 28/06/2006

The Web: The Age of Individualized Adverts

Online marketing today is about more than inserting "Hello, Roger," in the subject line of an e-mail and hoping it somehow convinces the recipient, in this instance, a chap named "Roger," that it is truly customized, intended ...

dateJun 28, 2006 in Internet
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The Hooked Galaxy

Life is not easy, even for galaxies. Some indeed get so close to their neighbours that they get rather distorted. But such encounters between galaxies have another effect: they spawn new generations of stars, some of which ...

dateJun 28, 2006 in Astronomy
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Joyriders Vs. Jaywalkers: a Collision of Cultures

“Look both ways for cars before you cross the street.” That’s one of the most important warnings American children hear when they’re old enough to walk alone. That’s because we live in a culture in which cars, trucks ...

dateJun 28, 2006 in Other
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Celebrate July 4th with Bald Eaglets – Live on the Web!

Celebrate the 4th of July this year by watching live bald eaglets on your own computer screen, just a few weeks before they fledge from the nest. You can see two bald eaglets being fed and cared for by their eagle parents ...

dateJun 28, 2006 in
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