Research prompts rethink of enzyme evolution

New research by scientists at New Zealand's University of Otago suggests a need for a fundamental rethink of the evolutionary path of enzymes, the proteins vital to all life on Earth.

Elderly crickets are set in their ways, study finds

As insects grow old their behaviour becomes increasingly predictable according to new research published in the journal Behavioural Ecology. The study, which set out to understand how personality alters with age, found that ...

Book on brown recluse spiders dispels myths and misconceptions

The brown recluse spider is on a lot of minds. Usually between 6-11 millimeters in body length, this spider has a venomous bite. Just about everyone thinks he or she has seen this spider running through the house or claims ...

GoPro buys virtual reality firm Kolor

The company that makes the popular GoPro cameras announced plans Tuesday to buy Kolor, a French-based firm specializing in virtual reality and other video technologies.

The fearsome foursome: Technologies enable ambitious MMS mission

It was unprecedented developing a mission that could fly four identically equipped spacecraft in a tight formation and take measurements 100 times faster than any previous space mission—an achievement enabled in part by ...

Qatar opens $1 bn environmental gas project

Qatar officially unveiled on Tuesday what it said is the world's biggest environmental project, a $1 billion plant to capture wasted gas.

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