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Bright lights: Mystery of glowing antibody solved

A chance discovery of a uniquely luminescent monoclonal antibody nearly ten years ago has proven to be far more interesting -- and far more tenacious -- than anyone might have suspected.

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Tax Rebates Versus Tax Bonuses

On Feb. 13, 2008, the president signed a $168 billion stimulus package designed to give $300, $600 or $1,200 checks to more than 100 million Americans. It was the second time in seven years that lawmakers agreed to return ...

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Softphone is a Squeezable Concept

At first glance, Qian Jiang's Softphone looks more like a mini trampoline than a cell phone. It doesn´t flip or slide to open, but rather it has that nerf type of appeal that just begs to be squeezed - which is just what ...

dateFeb 28, 2008 in Consumer & Gadgets weblog
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