Nanoflowers blossom

University of Arkansas researchers have examined the mechanisms underlying the synthesis of three-dimensional nanocrystals in solution and have created a systematic method for the directed synthesis of such nanocrystals.

A way to detect a new quantum phase

“So many systems in physics look different and do different things,” Luming Duan tells “But when you get to fundamentals they look very similar. We are looking for new fundamentals that can help us understand ...

Steubenville: EPA test city

Steubenville, Ohio, once known for having the most polluted air in the United States, is now known for its contributions in controlling air pollution.

You Cannot Scare People Into Getting Fit Or Going Green

New research published today by the Economic and Social Research Council shows that positive, informative strategies which help people set specific health and environmental goals are far more effective when it comes to encouraging ...

Cup takes hiccups to task

A Pennsylvania man says he has invented a patented drinking cup that stops the hiccups.

Solar Flares Could Seriously Disrupt GPS Receivers

A minor solar flare in September 2005 produced a noticeable degradation of all GPS signals on the day side of the Earth. When scaled up to the larger solar flares expected in 2011-12, Cornell researchers expect massive outages ...

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